Behind every woman…

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating our workforce of innovators, leaders, go-getters, mischief-makers, plate-spinners and glass-ceiling-smashers.
Because, behind every mind-blowingly inspiring woman at Boden there’s another… and another…


Unofficial sports chauffeur
AND Chief Design and Customer Experience Officer

‘When I’m not at work I take my two daughters, aged 10 and 13, to rugby. It’s a really fast-growing sport for women and I love that they’ve chosen that. It’s so important that they have a say in what they do, because that’s what feminism is about for me – true choice. Just do what makes you happy. And that’s something I’ll always instil in my girls.

‘The women at Boden are interesting, multi-faceted, resilient, funny, kind, brilliant, talented and exceptional to work with. It’s great fun.'

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Pole-dancing sustainability superhero 
AND Garment Technologist

‘If I could change one thing about the world, it would be that everybody recycled properly. I’m working with a company that can now recycle crisp packets into new products. I’ve arranged for collection points throughout the Boden office. To date, we’ve collected three kilos of crisp packets. I think each packet weighs about 2g, so you do the math! I also organise monthly lunchtime litter picks.

‘Out of hours I grow my own vegetables. And I work on my party trick – pole-dancing.’

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Blogger extraordinaire
AND Team Senior, Call Centre

‘I blog about skincare because when I feel good, I feel positive – and I want to make other women feel beautiful within themselves.

‘My colleagues would say I’m hardworking, approachable and very positive. Hardworking, because I’m currently doing an apprenticeship Level 3 diploma for managers. It’s a great opportunity to develop my skills and progress. Positive, because being able to do what I want, as a woman, really drives me.’

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Louise and… Louise

Park-running midlife champions 
AND Specialist Product Trainer/Programme Manager

‘Last year we launched a series of menopause workshops. It’s still a bit of a taboo subject, yet we’re both going through it and so are lots of other colleagues. So we thought we’d try to get people to talk about it openly and honestly, and create a support network. Over 90 people came to our first workshop at the Leicester office, which was amazing.

‘Women in their fifties are empowered – they’ve got the freedom to give themselves time and to take on new opportunities and challenges. We took up running.’ 

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Model, resident style queen 
AND Bilingual Senior Customer Service Advisor

‘For me, life is a runway. You just have to pick out your most colourful clothes, feel confident and enjoy the journey. I’m a hunter when I shop, and competitive when I play games – they always end up like an Olympics.

‘It just drives me crazy when women are made to feel like they aren’t “enough”. Because we are enough. We’re more than enough. We’re amazing and we need to realise that and just embrace it.’

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We support EVERY woman

…including those in our factories overseas. We're doing this by rolling out initiatives such as the HERproject. The scheme empowers women in the supply chain by giving them the knowledge and tools to improve their health, confidence and opportunities in the workplace, at home and in their community.

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