Meet the knit that’s far more reliable than the weather

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re all about clothes that are endlessly wearable. Ones that feel cool but classic, on-trend but timeless. Our Louise Fair Isle jumper does all that (and then some). Here’s why you need one, ASAP.

Sweater connoisseurs

Fair Isle is a traditional technique originating in the Shetlands, but these days it’s a catch-all phrase for sweater with different colours in repeating patterns – you know the kind. Granted, it was once considered the uniform of golfers, grandads, and back in the 1920s – the Prince of Wales, but it’s since been reclaimed as an autumn/winter must. Ours isn’t your average Fair Isle knit though. Nope, this one has a few tricks up its sleeve – like a split hem and an extra flattering turtle neck (hello, jawline).

So, how are we
wearing it?

The trick to making this retro style look chic is all in the pairing. Wear it with your favourite slinky skirt to create a look that’s a) tactile perfection and b) perfect for an impromptu date night. For an easy style win, try it tucked into jeans and layered over a crisp blue shirt. Or if you’re a fan of the whole cottagecore vibe (that Instagram trend romanticising country life), pair it with an explorer hat and boots. Anyone for a hike?

Meet the jumper that’ll serve you just as well on the sofa as it will in the Shetlands.

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