Christmas with Killicks

Does your family have any special Christmas traditions?
On Christmas morning, the first thing my siblings and I do is go downstairs and make paper chains to hang in the living room while my parents are still sleeping. We then make them breakfast in bed before we do presents. This started as a way to let them have more of a lie-in – but now that we’re all older, it’s just become a little tradition that we’ve continued. We also always bake a gingerbread house on Boxing Day, and of course we watch Christmas movies every single evening. 

“We always bake a gingerbread
house on Boxing Day.”

Christmas with Killicks

What do you like to wear on Christmas day?
We wear pyjamas and then dress up for the evening. However, my dad always wears a festive suit that gets increasingly extravagant every year.

What does Christmas mean to you?
Getting to spend time with family, having fun, eating good food and just showing everyone how much you appreciate them.

Jessica's Christmas crew

What’s your favourite Christmas moment?
The smell of the goose cooking in the oven while Christmas songs blare out. Ideally, I’m clutching my glass of champagne, surrounded by my happy children playing with their new toys, and lots of laughter from family and friends. Heaven.

When does the festive season start for you?
On the 6th December, when we celebrate the German tradition of St Nikolaus. The boys put a shoe on the windowsill and the next morning it’s filled with chocolate, sweets and little presents. I’m half German and grew up celebrating both the German and British Christmases, one on the 24th and one on the 25th.

“I’m half German and grew up celebrating both the German and British Christmases.”

Jessica's Christmas crew

What does Christmas mean to you? 
For me, it has always been a time to reflect on the year gone by, and a time to remember my own childhood Christmases – filled with love, laughter and magic. I hope I’m recreating it for my children.

How did you find the Boden Christmas photoshoot?
My boys have always asked to come to work with me, and this time they could not only see what a photoshoot is like, but they were actually part of it. What brilliant memories to look back on. They loved it, and were fascinated by all the behind-the-scenes action and how much work goes into each shot. They were surprisingly well behaved… (thanks to lots of bribery).

Dior and Keisha’s magic moments

What is the best ever Christmas gift you’ve received?
Keisha: My engagement ring.

Do your family have any special Christmas traditions? Dior: Opening one present on Christmas Eve. Keisha: At Christmas dinner, everyone says what they are most grateful for, takes stock of what they accomplished that year and shares what they plan to achieve in the new year. 

“We always open one present on Christmas Eve.”

Dior and Keisha’s magic moments

What was your favourite Boden piece you wore on the photoshoot?
Dior: The soft sweater dress and the cheetah shoes. Keisha: The perfect fitting high-waist jeans. I need them in my wardrobe now.

What did you enjoy most at the Boden Christmas photoshoot?
Dior: I found it easy, fun and the best shoot ever because I was working with Mummy. I enjoyed sitting on Mummy’s lap while she read a funny book to me the most.
Keisha: I found the whole thing magical. The crew were amazing – so nice, funny and a joy to work with. My favourite moment was seeing the excitement on Dior’s face when she learned we would be shooting in the ‘snow’.

Special guest Sprout

Shh, we’re spilling trade secrets (blame the mulled wine). Our founder Johnnie’s famous dog Sprout is a very busy woman indeed, so meet Bimbo: one of our superstar stuntwomen. She likes cosy Boden jumpers, festive bows (the bigger, the better) and brings her own food to set. Well, she is a professional animal actor, after all.

Bimbo’s people have informed us that she thoroughly enjoyed her leading role, and found time to really get ‘in the zone’ on her regular walk breaks. The faux snow didn’t faze her, she’s no amateur, and is very grateful for all the fans on social media that have emerged in recent weeks. Just remember, a dog is for life…