The better-weather edit

We Brits are just peeking out from under our umbrellas to tell you we've created a sunshine-ready range for those of you with better weather. We asked our friend in LA, Louise Roe, to style it – because frankly it made us too jealous. Plus, if you have to leave your blue skies (hello, Aunt in Alaska), we've put some cosier stuff in there too.

Whether you’re a dedicated follower of fashion or a make-your-own-rules kind of shopper, here at Boden we’ve got fashion trends to suit every unique style. You can rest assured that experimenting with the latest trends doesn’t mean slavishly following the crowd. Maybe it’s adding a dash of animal print into your day-to-day look, or mixing it up with a colour combination you hadn’t thought about before. Never tried a particular shape of dress or skirt? Now could be the perfect time to break out of those comfort zones and embrace something a little different. Browse our edit of the seasons trends and discover how to update your look without compromising on style.