Empowering women and supporting them in the workplace

HER project

BSR's HERproject, which empowers, educates and supports women working in supply chains, is common sense – as women make up the majority of our workforce in our offices and warehouses, and the majority of our customer base. Through HERproject, we enable women working for our suppliers to access advice about health, nutrition and family planning. The HERhealth programme empowers women by giving them the knowledge and tools to improve their health and provides them with the confidence to develop a stronger voice in the workplace, at home and in the community. Five of our suppliers – four in India, one in China – have participated in the HERhealth programme so far, and we have recently introduced the programme to one of our suppliers in Vietnam. More than 130 peer educators have been educated to deliver training to over 5,000 workers. That knowledge is then disseminated through their own families, their communities and their friends – making an impact on generations to come and creating real change. And now that we’ve seen the benefits, we’re planning to roll out HERproject to even more of our suppliers.


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