Behind the seams:
Mini landscapes 

For our latest range, Concept and Design Manager Lisa Kidner wanted to create a series of landscapes inspired by the world around us and the endless adventures Minis dream of.

T-shirt design illustrations

‘They’re not just clothes – they’re the beginning of a story’

For Lisa, it was about more than just a new design for a T-shirt. ‘It’s not just a piece of clothing. In a child’s imagination, it’s the beginning of a story. Children build worlds and I wanted to build these creative worlds in our clothes.’

As well as watching nature documentaries and browsing books about animals, Lisa had a secret weapon: ‘Lots of ideas come from my three children,’ she explains. ‘Reading books with them, going on adventures together and listening to all the things that they’re excited about.’

I drew 12 different ocean creatures before we narrowed it down’

Line by line, fin by fin, the designs began to emerge from the depths. ‘I drew 12 different ocean creatures,’ recalls designer Tessa Neale, ‘before we narrowed it down to just three.’ The designs were sketched by hand in black pen using photographs for reference. ‘Drawing them from hand at the beginning allows the lines to be a bit wobbly and less perfect.’

T-shirt design illustrations
T-shirt design illustrations

‘We wanted the scenes to be optimistic, playful and imaginative’

While Mini Boden is no stranger to animals – we’ve got more roaming over our clothes than the wildest jungle – this was the first time that whole scenes were featured with movement and action. ‘We designed the scenes to be optimistic, playful and imaginative. That’s why we added the rainbow and the orca leaping. We wanted to create the magic of going into a make-believe world through the clothes.’

Cue fields for racing through, animals for befriending and whole oceans for exploring. Now all that’s left to do is open up the wardrobe and see where the story leads.

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Mini landscapes by numbers: 

Let’s see what the real professionals think…

‘A sperm whale has the largest brain and makes the loudest sound of any animal on planet Earth’

Herb, age 7,
Lisa’s son and educational-facts expert

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‘The Triceratops and T-Rex might have been friends. They both lived in the Cretaceous period, and as the Triceratops was nearly as long as a London bus with spikey head armour, the T-Rex probably ate smaller dinosaurs.’

Herb, age 7,
(also a dino guru)

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‘That would be an amazing hill to roll down, picking strawberries as you go’

Violet, age 10,
Lisa’s daughter and head of hill-rolling

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More than just a box

Got a spare Boden box? Learn how to make it into a Mini theatre filled with wild animals from our prints. Click to get the instructions and download the cut-out-able characters.