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Get ready to join James and his friends on a magnifico journey. Befriend some creepy-crawlies on a woolly sweater, become a ladybird in dress form or travel around in a T-shirt featuring a certain ginormous peach.
The story of one magical little girl has been brought to life with a rainbow of appliqué letters, a smattering of ‘Miss Honey’ yellow and a unique printed lining featuring some of Matilda’s favourite books.
The friendliest giant in Giant Country has inspired many squiffling delights for you – from a dress starring Buckingham Palace to a sweater and bottoms befitting of ‘Her Majester’ the Queen of England.
Behold these gloriumptious concoctions from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – including a dress made of sparkly rainbow drops and a sweater with sequins that magically change colour.
Psst: these designs are full of Mr Fox’s cunning. Will it be a supersoft sweater with embroidered details or the ultimate fox-like disguise? Better decide quickly, before those farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean catch you…
Meet Mr and Mrs Twit, the foulsome couple who love to play tricks on one another. Search Mr Twit’s messy beard and discover Mrs Twit’s Squiggly Spaghetti recipe, before joining the Muggle-Wumps on their monkey adventures.

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