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  • Study our five lovely lessons to find out why
    Mini Boden is the clever choice for a classroom
    companion. (No tests. We Promise.)

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  • Lesson one: As unique as you

    All our clothes are designed in Boden
    House, London and made to be as unique
    as the little ones wearing them.

  • Artful blend of appliqués
    and embroidered detail.

  • All prints closely examined by
    headmaster Johnnie Boden, himself.

  • Lesson Two: Top Class Quality

    We're of the school of thought that
    clothes should stand the test of time
    (and being super soft and machine
    washable is just common sense).

  • 100% cotton to keep comfortable in class

  • Ultra locked-on pompoms
    have passed the pull test

    Practical padding that we've made pretty

  • Lesson Three: Easy Peasy

    Our collection is packed full of fuss-free
    details like slip-on waists, footless tights
    and adjustable waistbands so getting
    ready for school is as easy as ABC.

  • Velcro fastening for feet
    that run late for the bus.

  • Lesson Four: Practically Perfect Layers

    No one wants to swelter in Science then
    freeze in French. Outwit the old school
    heating with clothes that are easy to
    layer up or down.

  • Matching print on T-shirt
    and inside lining

  • Poppers instead of fiddly buttons.

  • Lesson Five: Mini Friendly

    We've done our homework and made sure
    our clothes are brimming with fun detail
    to earn straight As from the strictest
    markers of them all - the Minis

    Colourful characters to keep
    Minis company in class

  • Extra big pockets for secret supplies