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Standard Shipping For In Stock Items

Our flat rate shipping and handling charge is free on orders over $49, and $5 for orders of $49 or below. With Standard shipping your parcel will be with you within 3-6 business days from receipt of your order. The stated delivery period within which you will receive your order is approximate. We will inform you if an item is out of stock and when it will be available. If you are ordering more than one item, your goods may be sent to you in installments if certain items are out of stock. 

Express shipping for in stock items 

Flat rate shipping and handling charge is $25. With Express Shipping your parcel will be with you in 1-2 business days, when you order before 3pm (EST). After 3pm (EST) please add one day. Please note, not all items are eligible for Express Shipping. If some of your items are not available for Express Shipping, they will automatically be sent to you via Standard Shipping. The stated delivery period within which you will receive your order is approximate. We will inform you if an item is out of stock and when it will be available. Express shipping is available to physical addresses in the Continental US only. Sorry we cannot ship Express to a PO box.  

Personal use - Each order is for the personal, non-commercial, use of our customer. Resale of any Boden product without the express, written consent of Boden is strictly prohibited. Multiple orders representing what Boden deems to be commercial quantities will not be accepted. 

Customs fees - Shipments from the UK to the US are subject to Federal import regulations which can incur duties and taxes levied as the parcels enter the country. Our systems are designed to settle this duty on your behalf wherever it applies. However in the (hopefully) very rare event that you, rather than us, are charged US import duties or fees for US customs clearance, please let us have proof of payment (and the customs paperwork showing that the charges relate to a Boden parcel) and we'll gladly reimburse you. Please note international shipments may be subject to cross-border inspections by customs authorities.  

Orders - Please note that for inventory purposes each item requested constitutes an individual order. Wherever possible we will attempt to consolidate multiple orders in one shipment and on one invoice. Due to inventory and packaging requirements, however, orders may be shipped over several days in multiple packages. 

If there is a further delay, we will send you a letter asking you whether you would still like us to send the order to you. We will not charge you until the goods leave our warehouse and we will only charge you postage once per order, no matter how many parcels we send you. 

Boden reserves the right to cancel any order if the product is no longer available. No compensation will be paid in such cases but customers will not be charged for any order until the item is dispatched. 

Your questions

Q. Do you always meet your shipping timescales?

A. We’d like to say yes, but it wouldn’t be strictly true. Sometimes events beyond our control (acts of God, alien invasions etc) prevent this from happening. We’ll even hold our hands up to the odd occasions when we’re the ones at fault for delaying an order (though we promise this doesn’t happen often). If the shipment is going to be delayed, we’ll email you straight away to say sorry, and see whether you still want us to send the order. We won’t take any money until the item has been dispatched. 

Q. What happens if my order comes over two shipments - am I expected to pay postage twice? 

A. No, you only pay one lot of postage per order, regardless of how many parcels we send out to you. 

Q. What if I’m not in when you make a delivery? 

A. If you’re not in when we pop by to deliver, we’ll leave your parcel in a suitable place for you to find upon return. 

Q. Can I have free shipping on my order?

A.We know you all like free shipping and we do often offer it as part of a promotion but it is not an automatic ‘right’ for every customer. We have considered offering it all the time but the costs would have to be absorbed elsewhere (i.e. the price of the clothes going up, which wouldn’t be popular either). The old cliché that ‘the customer pays in the end’ is true in this case I'm afraid. 

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