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  • The importance of a seafaring tee

    The importance of

  • Waffle Mariner T-Shirt
    Calling all salty seadogs and lazy landlubbers!
    Our solid gold treasure of a tee has been crafted from breathable cotton waffle and decorated with nautical stripes. And, like the very best crew it also boasts our roving terrier Sprout on the arm to scare off rival pirates.

    Say ARRR if you want to hear more!
  • Why waffle works...
    Shiver me timbers? They'll be no shivering
    or sweating on this ship captain.
    Waffle Mariner T-Shirt
    Our clever fabric is breezy enough to keep you cool when the sun hits starboard and warm enough to ward off northerly winds.
    And if you do go 'overboard' it's magical quick drying properties will have you shipshape before you can say 'drop anchor, me hearties'.
  • He loves the nautical stripes in 3 shades.
    You love the way it withstands high seas and washing machines.
    You both love that it
    goes with absolutely everything.
  • WIN
    Just answer our super simple question to be in with a shout.

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