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  • The importance of being prepared

    The importance of

  • The importance of

    Great clothes are like great books: inventive, fun and bursting with character. Our boys' Zip-Off Cargos and girls' Skort are just the ticket for children who love life's greatest adventures.

    And because each one is built to last, you can pass the story on when they're ready to start a new chapter...

    the jersey skort
    the zip off cargos
    Boys Girls
  • The ultimate
    smarty pants
    “My son just loves what he calls his 'clever trousers”

    Bear prints? Yes. Unicorns' teeth? Of course. Bad weather? Absolutely not.

    We believe the last thing to stop 'boy business' in its tracks should be something as trifling as the weather.

    Enter our ingenious zip-off cargos-come-shorts: the smart choice for adventurous boys for the last 7 years.

    the zip off cargos
    We don't think boys should have all the fun.

    So one day... in the interest of cartwheeling, tree climbing and leap-frogging for all, we made the skort.

    Because why shouldn't go-getter girls feel lovely and ladylike when they're conquering the chestnut tree?

    That was 6 years ago in London: the adventure capital of the world. Since then, this soft cotton playmate has mastered all manner of challenges. And secured its spot as a Boden bestseller.

  • The 365 day trousers
    that let legs
    the 365 day trousers
    the zip off cargos
    Collecting bugs, hunting treasure or making mud pies?
    Don't leave home without these...
    Colour coded zips so you can zip them back on easily
    Two camouflage prints & four solid colours
    Fabric 'peached' for softness
    Indestructible cotton-nylon canvas - durable enough to last a lifetime
    7 pockets for compasses, sling shots & sweets
    Soft jersey waistband for comfort
    All the detail she needs to feel comfortable when
    the jersey skort
    One-of-a-kind prints, designed in London
    Soft, machine-washable jersey
    Built-in shorts to
    keep underwear 'under'
    Corking colours (that don't wear out when she does)
    Pull-on rib waist for easy dressing
  • You've been treasuring these trews for years
    Click the chest to find out why...
    • “My son just loves what he calls his clever trousers.”

    • “A squillion pockets for conkers, robots & general treasure”

    • “He won't take them off.”

    • “So hard wearing - great for even the most rough and tumble boy!”

    • “Lots of compliments from my son's teachers.”

    • “We are back for seconds - got them in all colours this time.”

    • “I'm constantly asked where my son got them!”

    • “Cannot live without”

    • “Super well made and so versatile!”

    • “Great weight, not too heavy or too thin.”

    • “Awesome! Very well made, and durable.”

    what kind of adventurer are you
    Follow the flowchart
    to find a print as unique as you are...
    with your 'legs'
    • you're a botanical belle
    • you're a dotty cyclist
    • you're a juicy fruiter
    • your're a star gazer
  • 5 fun things to do
    with your 'legs'
    The sun is out; the birds are singing and just when you thought things couldn't get any more fun...
    • make a megaphone
    • make a windsock
    • catch some bugs
    • make a telescope
    • stuff them with your jumper and make a pillow
    Once upon a time in a land far, far away beastly boys were the only ones allowed to climb the Old Yellow Oak Tree. It was a law laid down by the Spotty Wizard that girls should stay inside and twiddle their thumbs.
    'Well', thought Skirt, 'we can't have that', so she marched down to meet her old friend 'Shorts' and together they hatched a cunning plan to save the Kingdom's girls from a lifetime of dullness indoors.
    The Skort was born and the nation rejoiced with a celebratory tree-climbing competition...
  • Calling all adventurers! Give your grey cells a workout with our weekly competition and you could skip away with a pair of Zip Off Cargos
    In praise of
    the ultimate playmate...
    • “Perfect for the girl who wants to be a fairy princess one minute and a tomboy the next.”

    • “Very cute and comfy material.”

    • “The adorable design made us both happy.”

    • “We washed it once or twice a week and it still looked great.”

    • “Love the bright and cheerful colours.”

    • “The shorts underneath are perfect for school or tennis.”

    • “She's so pleased she can run, jump and tumble in her skort!”

    • “The smile on my granddaughter's face said it all!”

    • “Super comfortable...with the softest cotton.”

    • “I don't have to be worried about somersaults and other stunts.”

    • “I buy these every year for my girls!”

    Calling all fairy princesses & tomboys! Give our weekly competition a whirl and you could twirl off with a Skort...

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