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  • The importance of staying warm

    The importance of staying warm

  • (that doubles as a dressing gown)

    “My daughter insists on wearing this as a dressing gown!
    It's so warm and snuggly.”
    on the go girl, dorset

    Hugs make you happy. Especially when you can wear them absolutely everywhere. That's why we gave our famous Shaggy Lined Hoody (or should that be 'hoogy') a 'teddy bear lining' to keep you coddled morning, noon and night.

  • The unbeatable hoody that won't wear out when they do
    click each link below to discover what makes our cuddle king a keeper....
  • Behold 4 happy ways to wear our hoody.
    Click your favourite & swipe the whole look.
  • What the 'cuddle critics' say...
    our royally huggable hoodies
    have been ruling hearts
    for years...
    • “These are a staple in our house. A must buy each year!”

      bungile, uk

    • “My two year old loves his 'teddy bear' coat!”

      Gilbogilbo, Liverpool

    • “As snug as a bug”

      Mellarsums, Scotland

    • “My son's been wearing it non-stop since it arrived!”

      Beanie, Berkshire

    • “A perfect coat substitute for spring or autumn days.”

      Charlotte, Poole

    • “Will get years of wear out of it.”

      Polly, London

    • “Suitable for any occasion.”

      CC, The Midlands

    • “Fab colours - can see him across the park easily!”

      JulieJulie, Brighton

    • “I can't fault this - washes really well.”

      GBev, Kent

    • “When my four-year old son opened the parcel, he shouted WOW”

      Helly, North Wales

    • “My daughter wears it all the time.”

      Purple Pretzel, Wootton Bassett

  • The Cuddle King wasn't always so cuddly. Many moons ago he believed that cuddles should only be used on special occasions to cheer up sad people. 'That's nonsense' said Wise Ted, his adviser.
    'Cuddles are as essential as your daily cup of tea'. To prove it, he whisked out a magical 'cuddle cloak' with a majestically soft inside lining....
  • ...'Wear this every day' he said, 'and soon you'll see what I mean'.
    Lo and behold, as soon as the King wrapped his 'cuddle cloak' around his shoulders, he felt happier than a horse in a hay barn.
    And from that day forward he spread his message across the land...
    Turn the page to enter our competition
  • Have you been paying attention, Jones? Excellent. Now pit your wits against our hoody-related question for the chance to win one of five.
    *No teddy bears or cuddle monsters were harmed in the making of this chapter.